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Tiles Cleaner (500ml) Kitchen Bathtub Bathroom Wash Basin Toilet Stain Remover Xinjuke Pembersih Tandas 心居客瓷砖清洁剂
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Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
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Mainly used for bathtub, tiles, toilets, hand washing basin, surface cleaning.

Tile Cleaner mainly used for bathtub, tiles, toilets, hand washing basin, surface cleaning.

This product uses high-tech composite osmotic decomposition technology,rapid removal of stubborn scale, urine stains, rust scale, water alkali scale, effective penetration, decontamination, polishing and other effects, phosphorus-free formula, suitable for all kinds of ceramic tiles, ceramic sanitary ware, toilet, glass and other surface cleaning.

How to use:
1.Rotate the nozzle to the spray, spray evenly at the dirt, so that it is all wet;
2.Leave for a little 30 seconds until the detergent reacts with dirt;
3.Wipe with a scouring cloth, stubborn dirt can be wiped with a wire ball;
4.Clean with water or wipe clean.

1.This product is not suitable for cleaning oil, glue paint,permeable stains;
2.A small number of materials themselves easy to fade or lose luster,before using this product in the obvious place before testing and then use;
3.It is strictly prohibited to use on the surface of vitrified brick, stone, marble, aluminum alloy, metal glazed brick, granite, stainless steel, wood and other items, can not be mixed with other cleaning agents;
4.During the operation of this product can not stay on the surface of the tile for too long,after cleaning should be washed with water in a timely manner;
5.When using it is recommended to wear gloves and do a good job of eye protection to prevent splashing into the eye, accidentally into the eye that is washed with a lot of water, mistakenly take immediate drinking water and timely medical treatment.
6.Store in a cool, dry and dark place, out of reach of children.

Active ingredients of each tile cleaner: Surfactants,corrosion inhibitors, complex organic acids

Packaging and storage: Store in a dry, cool place

Net weight: 500g

Shelf life: 3 years


Company Name :  STORES 2 U RESOURCES


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