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  • Apply to caps of approximately 1 inch to 3 inches (25 mm to 75 mm)
  • Multi-function bottle opener
  • Durable and comfortable grip
  • Convenient storage
  • White background - [3.2m*3.8cm] 
  • PVC Material
  • Not easily break
  • Good sealing performance
  • Adopts composite osmotic decomposition technology which can effectively removes urine scale, water scale, mildew stains.
  • Restores the cleanliness smooth luster surfaces of porcelain toilet bowls, floor tiles.
  • Does not damage the pots
  • Contains deep penetration and high decomposition power
  • Simple and convenient to remove scales
  • Easily brightens the pots
  • Extends the shelf life of the pots
  • Deeply penetrate and decompose
  • Simple and convenient to refurbish
  • Effectively restores the original color of stainless-steel products and restores luster.
  • Can effectively remove the stickers on the windows or car bodies, painted surfaces, marble surfaces, etc. 
  • Easily removes the remaining paste material after tearing off the stickers.
  • Specially contains coloring agent and fat liquoring auxiliary softener, which can restore the original color of worn and faded leather products
  • Moisturizes the leather internally and externally, giving it a new look. 
  • Can penetrate into the leather fibers and fully nourish the leather.
  • Ensures that the leather is soft, natural 
  • Effectively prevent the leather from hardening and bursting.
  • Anti-rain and anti- corrosion effects.
  •  Refined by extracting resin components, which can effectively restore the color and luster
  •  Reduce the whitening and aging phenomenon of automobile rubber and plastic parts.
  • Contains the plant extract, active decontamination factors which can quickly remove the dirt on the bathroom surface and make it look fresh. 
  • Suitable for removing surface stains, embroidered stains, scales, etc. on bathroom faucets, tiles, glass, etc.
  •  Effectively penetrates the dirt, dissolves all kinds of oil and stains in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and other households.
  • Suitable for household cleaning of tiles, stoves, sinks, cabinets, toilets, tables, doors and windows.
  • Contains surface active factors and decontamination factors to fully dissolve stubborn stains such as urine, stains, and scale on the surface of the toilet.
  •  Good cleaning effect.
  •  Widely applicable to objects on the surface of various ceramic materials.
  • One spray and one wipe, it easily removes yellowish and old stains.
  • Brightens as new. 
  • Does not damage materials, has no odor, fresh and natural.
  • A safe formula to be used.
  • Water-free washing
  • Fast, convenient, leaving no watermark and no trace. 
  • Contains deep decontamination to dissolve all kinds of stains.
  • Gentle formula which does not irritate.
  • Safe for mothers and babies.
  • Made of active organic synthesis
  • Neutral in nature, non-flammable and a green washing product.
  • Suitable in removing all kinds of color stains, mildew spots, red and blue ink, fruit stains, oil stains etc.
  • Widely applied to iron and aluminum products such as vehicles, ships, factories, machines etc.
  • Convenient to be used
  • Effectively protect
  • Lubricate wear-and-tear areas
  • Eliminate noises caused by frictions
  • Provide protection to the machinery,dehumidify and delay rusting.