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-High quality and not fade

-Convenient to use

-Comfortable to touch

  1. Help to protect your child from the sharp edges and corners at home
  2. Environmentally friendly, fireproof and non-toxic material.
  3. Suitable for wood, ceramic tile, marble, glass, metal corner, etc
  4. Total length 1.2m, suitable for different sizes of furniture.
  1. No need to wet the surface, no masking tape.
  2. The spatula has different angles, so you can choose the tip that suits your work.
  3. Durable, thorn-free, abrasion-resistant, and solvent-resistant.
  4. Used with tools, removing dry caulk can save half of the time.
  5. Without sealant, excess sealant can be stored on the silicone pad.
  6. Very suitable for corners, showers, windows.
  7. Smart size is suitable for internal and external caulking.

1. Stick on tiles will be more sturdy then normal wall.

2.Colourful design

3.Easy to install and easy to operate.

4.Non-slip waterproof design

  • Formulated with water-based polymer permeable polymer emulsion and additives as raw materials. 
  • Penetrates into the gaps of the base surface and tightly binds loose particles to form a dense and integrated base surface, which increases hardness, strength, blocks moisture channels, and enhances resistance to moisture
  • The ability of water seepage and waterproofing can prevent the base surface from being dusty, damp, moldy and so on.
  • Building floor and roof, ground joints, tile gaps, kitchen and bathroom, swimming pools, reservoirs, drainage ditches and other waterproof works.

  • Penetrates under the base layer and crystallizes to form a waterproof layer, which does not affect the appearance of the base surface and has a long service life.

  • Adjust soil pH to promote root growth, adjust soil pH in both directions, adjust soil to a microenvironment suitable for crop growth
  •  Increase biological activity and microbial reproduction speed in soil, and release soil-solidified nutrients, effectively promote crop absorption and utilization
  • Improve fertilizer utilization and enhance crop stress resistance
  • Activator of phosphate fertilizer, a quick-acting agent of potassium fertilizer, and a mixture of micro-fertilizers, reducing the amount of fertilizer input
  • Enhancing drought resistance, plugging and disease resistance, and improving Crop yield, improve crop quality. It can also reduce the stomatal opening strength of plant leaves and reduce leaf transpiration, thereby reducing water consumption and enhancing drought resistance.
  • Humic acid is mostly amphoteric colloid, with high surface activity, which has inhibitory effect on fungi and plays a role in disease prevention and virus suppression. 
  • Improve the soil water retention, fertilizer and ventilation capacity
  • Maintaining a balance can enhance the ability of plants to absorb and utilize water and fertilizer, as well as photosynthesis
  • Repair and bonding of various tiles, hardware, ceramics, glass, plastic, stone, handicrafts, pendants, toys, shoes, accessories, wood, etc.
  • Slow-release technology decomposes the organic molecules that produce odor
  • Uses biological enzymes to slowly decompose the odor source instead of chemical covering, eliminating the odor of pet feces and urine from the source, without secondary pollution.
  • 2 Bottle Combo Set 
  • Whitening *1  + Cleaning *1
  • Remove dust and stains from sports shoes and sports shoes
  • Cover yellowed parts and deep stains that cannot be cleaned by detergents
  • Suitable for the cleaning of heavy oil dirt that cannot be cleaned by ordinary
  • Phosphorus-free formula, protect the surface of the utensils.
  • Suitable for a variety of heavy oily surfaces in the kitchen, such as thick oily stains on range hoods,
    exhaust fans, stoves, sinks, etc. At the same time, it is suitable for cleaning stainless steel, ceramic tile,
    enamel, baking varnish and other cookware surfaces such as microwave ovens, ovens, refrigerators.

It is used to clean the surface dirt of the overall cabinet countertops, bathroom counters, window sills, door stones, floor tiles, interior and exterior wall tiles made of marble, granite, quartz stone, artificial stone, crystal stone and other types of slate. It can also be used for cleaning ceramic tiles, cultural bricks, antique bricks, red bricks, bluestone slabs and other surface stains.