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Citrid Acid Detergent (10 pack x 10g) Water Scale Remover Electric Kettle Heater Dispenser Cleaner Xinjuke Loves Home
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Product Manual:
According to the characteristics of citric acid that can dissolve carbonates, it can quickly decompose the scale attached to the inner wall of the container heater. Citric acid is the original descaling agent used by large water bottle manufacturers to prevent malfunctions caused by scaling. This product uses food additive grade citric acid raw materials, non-toxic, tasteless, sour taste, non-corrosive, the product is colorless and fine particles, please rest assured to use.

1. The ratio of descaling agent to water is 1:20, and the ratio can be adjusted according to the severity of scale;
2. Pour the descaling agent into the container, pour in hot water to cover the scale, soak for 15-30 minutes, and use the container to heat and boil for serious scale.

1. For slight scales, no need heating , just soak the descaling agent in hot water and wipe directly with a cloth
2. For serious scales, increase the dosage and boiling time, if necessary, use a cloth to assist in scrubbing.
3. Large kettles with a capacity of more than 3L, please follow the package ratioused.

Scope of application:
Water dispensers, heating tubes, electric kettles, egg steamers, baby bottle sterilizers, teapots, water heaters, stainless steel steamers and other containers that need to be descaled.

1. This product cannot clean the scorch marks caused by heating;
2. This product is concentrated citric acid, not edible;
3. Please place it in a dry and ventilated place at room temperature and where children and pets are not easy to touch. If it gets into eyes or swallows by mistake, please rinse with clean water and bring this product to seek medical treatment;
4. Too long storage time may cause slight hardening and agglomeration, but it will not affect the use effect.

It is recommended to use once a month.