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50ml 75% Ethanol Gel Type Suismera Hand Sanitizer Fragrance Free Alcohol Kills 99.9% Germs HALAL KKM CERTIFIED
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  • KKM Notification No : NOT200300589K
  • Hand Sanitizer Gel 50ml
  • 75% Ethanol
  • Kill 99.9% Germs
  • Can spray everywhere



KKM Notification No : NOT200300589K

50ml Small Bottle
☑️75% Ethanol
☑️Kill 99.9% of Germs
☑️Safe for Kids and Seniors
❌ Essence or pigment
- Non-sticky and non-dry for skin
SUISMERA Hand Sanitizer Q & A
Q: Can children use it?
Answer: Both pregnant women and children can use it. Just for general disinfection
Q: Can I eat it?
Answer: This is 75% high-concentration alcohol. It is the same as the disinfectant on the market. It cannot be eaten! can not eat! can not eat!
Q: What is it like? how to use?
Answer: This is a little dilute gel. Apply it and it will dry in 30 seconds. No cleaning is required. But wash your hands before eating. Squeeze an appropriate amount on the hands. After rubbing both hands, apply to each part of the hands, fingers, nails, between fingers, and back of the hand to ensure that each part is applied.
Q: Children like to eat hands, can they use them?
Answer: If you are afraid that children will use their hands, it is best to put them in a place where the children are in contact, such as a baby chair on the table, and disinfect and wipe them dry. . This will prevent children from accidentally eating the disinfectant. . Remember to keep it high for children after using it. It is recommended that you wash your hands for the best cleaning.
Q: Do I need to wash my hands after using it?
Answer: Disinfectant is only a temporary replacement for hand washing. It is used in the absence of a water source. It is better to wash your hands after finding a source of water after disinfection. Washing hands frequently is the best sterilization method. We do not advocate washing hands without disinfectant.
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1 x 50ml Hand Sanitizer