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38cm Double Sided Hands Free Wash Microfiber Lazy Flat Floor Spin Mop FREE 2pc Extra Absorption Cloth Head
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Size (L x W x H) 15.5 cm x 7 cm x 60.5 cm
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  • EXTRA FREE 2pc Cloth Head
  • Total 4 pcs Microfiber Cloth Head
  • Double-sided cleaning head
  • Hands free self-cleaning mop with winger
  • Wide plate and super smooth squeeze
  • 360° swivel rotation for fast mopping
  • Vertically Stand Dry

Having a hard time cleaning the house? Hands Free Mop is your savior! It is a floor mop and 2 microfiber clothes with anti-bacterial and effective absorption properties. Wet cloth for puddles and dry cloth for dust; use them to wipe your floor, furniture, or carpet with ease!
Hands Free Mop has stainless steel handle, so it’s durable to be twisted or spin around when cleaning. You also can easily disassemble it into several pieces and wash them individually with water. No rust or corrosion will show, so it’s perfectly safe!
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  • Hands free squeezing device, easy to operate. Your hands never touch the dirty water.
  • Double-sided cleaning head, which lets you flip from dirty side to clean side so you can keep mopping without stopping. Or go from wet pad to dry pad without wasting any time – it’s double pads for twice the cleaning in half the time!
  • 360 degree rotating mop head helps clean corners. No more breaking your back and paying a fortune for pads to clean your floors
  • Mop plate can bounce back and keep vertical after mopping
  • Stand upright storage, space saving & keep the mop dry naturally
  • Washable, reusable microfiber pads, no costly disposable pads



This Double SidedAutomatic Squeezed Hands Free Microfiber Floor Mop is a must have effective for an easy house floor cleaning. With an innovative design, the mop clean its microfiber pad mop head and squeeze out excess water with the pad no need to be physically touched.


Water and dirt are squeezed out automatically with a wringer on itself. Absolutely Hands Free!



Effectively cleans up dry dirt, dust, hair and other messes. Super absorbents for liquid. Safe for hardwood floors. Can be machine washed over 100 times.



Mop head can be tilted and stand on its own taking very tiny space. Vertical stand drying procedure prevents bacteria generation.



Twist and turn to maneuver around hard-to-reach spaces, edges and corners.



Poles are built with high strength stainless steel and durable plastic. Light weight but very durable.

What's in the box

1 x Double Sided Lazy Mop