Relaxing Cleanser (150ml) 100% Original Suismera Xpure Skincare Facial Face Wash 全能疗愈老虎草洗脸霜
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100% Original Suismera Xpure

100% Original Suismera Xpure Relaxing Cleanser (150ml)

Suismera全能疗愈洗脸霜 (老虎草)

含有积雪草提取物(老虎草),可深层清洁皮肤,有效清除毛孔中 日常的堆积物(污垢,皮脂和杂质),同时产品内添加清新镇定的 香气让您放松心情舒解压力


使用方法: 取适量于手中,增加少量水揉搓产生充分泡沫,涂抹于 脸部,轻轻按摩式揉搓,最后用清水清洗


Contains centella asiatica extract(CICA)that deeply cleanses your skin to effectively remove"s" daily build-up (dirt, sebum and impurities) inpores, while enjoying the calming aroma that leaves you relaxed and fresh

Direction for use: Dispense an adequate amount and lather. Apply on the face and cleanse in a massaging manner, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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